Myths about Chiropractic

Myths about Chiropractic.

It’s time to dispel some myths about chiropractic and what we do as chiropractors. I’ve heard some crazy stories about what goes on in a Chiropractic clinic I’m pleased to say not all the stories are true.


Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.

There’s some truth in this one. We aren’t medical doctors (although some chiropractors have also trained in medicine but there aren’t that many), we are Doctors of Chiropractic. That means we train in subjects like anatomy and physiology but also Chiropractic technique and adjusting. I just call myself a Chiropractor then no one gets confused.


Having your spine cracked is bad

Chiropractors treat our patients with specific gentle spinal or joint adjustments. We do this to treat issues in the joints when they are strained, locked up or irritated. Having your spine adjusted by a trained chiropractor is not bad, we do this to improve problems.


Being treated by a chiropractor will hurt

We do our best to make treatment as pain free as possible and most of the time treatment shouldn’t hurt at all. Sometimes when patients are in pain it can be sore when being treated but I always work to my patient’s tolerance levels. Sometimes short term soreness is worth the longer term improvement.


Chiropractors only treat backs

This is a big no. I think most people associate Chiropractors with back problems but we are trained to treat most nerve joint and muscle issues. I see loads of headaches, knee issues, tennis elbow and much more.


Chiropractors aren’t regulated

Another no. We are regulated by the General Chiropractic Council much like doctors are regulated by the General Medical Council. This means we have rules and standards we all must adhere to. This is a good thing, even if it means more paperwork for us. Every person calling themselves a Chiropractor must have a minimum of training, competence and have passed a lot of exams.


I don’t need to see anyone because I click my own spine

This is not necessarily a good thing. I find most patients start clicking their own spines because they have a problem. That could be tightness or soreness in the back, this clicking usually gives very short term relief but the soreness or tightness quickly returns. This often leads to more and more frequent clicking. I once had a patient who clicked their own back over 130 times a day. Ideally with proper treatment from a Chiropractor the need to click goes away, the movement and pain improve and most patients click a lot less or even stop completely.


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