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In most cases treatment is completely pain free. However in some instances when an area is acutely inflamed and as we are working with areas of your body which are painful, it is inevitable that there may be a degree of mild discomfort after treatment as your body tissues begin to remodel and joints start to function in a more normal way. It may feel similar to your original pain of complaint or may feel slightly different; however it will normally subside within 24 hours. This pattern will usually only occur after the first few treatment sessions, after which your body function is beginning to normalise.

Chiropractic care is appropriate for people of all ages. After a careful assessment, if the chiropractor feels treatment may be of benefit, specialist and extremely gentle paediatric techniques are used to help restore full movement to your child’s spine, joints and muscles. Again gentle and adapted techniques can be used to treat more elderly patients. This will all be discussed with you before any treatment is commenced.

The number and frequency of treatments required depends entirely on the individual condition and is based on a large variety of variables including how long the problem has been there and the severity of the injury. Initially treatment sessions are usually more frequent in order to retrain the joints and muscles to function correctly. As we see improvement in your condition the frequency will then be reduced. This normally happens in the first few weeks but varies from person to person. Once the symptoms have reduced it is then we can begin rehabilitating your spine or problem area.

Once we have rehabilitated the spine it is a case of keeping the benefit that has been gained and keeping you healthy and at your best, this is where maintenance care plays a strong role. Coming for regular check-ups and adjustments to maintain the spine through life’s everyday stresses and strains is key. The frequency of maintenance care is dependant from person to person and our Chiropractor will discuss this with you.
However far you decide to take your treatment is always up to you.

If you have any previous records, X-rays or MRI scans please bring them along so they can be evaluated as these can help a great deal in determining the cause of your pain. Otherwise bring yourself and we are there to do the rest.

Any further questions?

If your question has not been answered here and you are still unsure please give our chiropractor a call, if she is unavailable leave a message and we will call as soon as possible. Otherwise send an email and again we are more than happy to answer any questions.

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