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Established in Camden for over 10 years, Camden Chiropractic, is a professional and welcoming Chiropractic Clinic.

We offer expert advice and treatment for a range of joint and muscle issues with a focus on the spine.

If you are unsure if we could help, please get in touch and we will answer any questions you might have.

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We offer treatments to help people of all ages suffering with:

• Back or neck pain,
• Sciatica,
• Knee and hip problems,
• Slipped discs (disc protrusions),
• Shoulder issues (Frozen shoulder and minor sports injuries,
• Headaches (originating from the neck),
• Sports injuries, and a variety of other muscle, trapped nerve and joint problems.

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‘Most patients come to us in pain, and stay when they realise their full health potential through Chiropractic’

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About Arjun our Chiropractor:

I have always been invested in other people’s health, but it wasn’t until I discovered chiropractic that I realised just how much I could contribute towards other people’s wellbeing.

I moved to South Wales, where I graduated with a Masters degree from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, harnessing a diverse set of practical skills and clinical expertise for targeting the source of people’s pain and improving my patient’s quality of life. From personal experience and injuries of my own, I’ve seen how chiropractic can help people get back to doing what they enjoy – whether that be the simple joys of being able to pick up your grandchild, through to athletes making a return to competitive sports.

My education doesn’t stop there. I have a keen interest in continued learning and hold additional qualifications in fascial movement taping, dry needling (medical acupuncture) and extremity adjusting. I am able to use these techniques when treating my patients alongside traditional chiropractic adjustments of the spine, mobilisation techniques, soft tissue work and rehabilitation exercises to create bespoke treatment packages tailored towards specific goals for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Outside of my profession, I am passionate about nature and the great outdoors; you’ll likely find me running or mountain biking along a trail in some green spot across the country, or voicing discussions of animal welfare and sustainable living.

I am licensed under the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the British Chiropractic Association.

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