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Today’s lifestyle means we are constantly putting our spines under strain from a number of sources. Sitting in the car, constantly straining to look at your phone, lying awkwardly when watching TV. Any number of factors can influence and cause neck pain and headaches. Patients treated at Camden Chiropractic are often unaware of the link between neck pain and headaches.

Primary Headaches are present in about 16% of the population and almost 5% of adults suffer from headaches on a daily basis. That is a lot of people in a lot of pain. As a broad rule there are 3 distinct categories of headaches; migraine, tension type and cervicogenic. Cervicogenic headaches are what we will focus on in this blog however as a note migraine headaches respond very favourably to Chiropractic treatment that we offer at Camden Chiropractic Clinic.

There have been a number of studies into Chiropractic treatment, the same treatment that our Guildford Chiropractor carries out at Camden Chiropractic that show improvement cervicogenic headache intensity, frequency and duration. A study showed that with 3-4 weeks of Chiropractic treatment headaches can be cut by half. One high quality study showed Chiropractic treatment to be superior to deep massage, placebo and no treatment.

I personally over my time in practice, both as a Chiropractor in Camden have found very favourable outcomes in patients with headaches. If you are suffering don’t delay and give Camden Chiropractic Clinic a call to arrange an appointment to ease your headaches as soon as possible.

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A ‘headache’ is defined as pain in any part of the head, including the scalp, face and inside of the head. Headache is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical attention (Merck Manual).

Many people are aware of the common types of headaches with the two most common types;

1. Migraine

2. Tension-type

Headaches are due to the activation of pain-sensitive structures in or around the brain, skull, face, sinuses or teeth.

There are also a number of serious underlying causes of headaches this is why if your headaches have come on recently, changed in character or are very severe it is always advisable to seek a professional opinion.

Common symptoms and presentation of migraine headaches are single sided and pulsating or throbbing pain that in general lasts for 4-72 hours occasionally with aura (seeing lights or stars in the vision or limited vision), nausea (the feeling of sickness or physical sickness), photophobia, sonophobia (uncomfortable when exposed to lights or sounds), worse with activity and preference to lie in the dark and relief with sleep. Often those that suffer with migraines will want to go to a dark quiet room and simply sleep it off for the duration of the migraine.

There is also a common type of headache that Chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths see and treat on a regular basis named a cervicogenic headache. Broken down; cervico-means from the cervical spine or the neck, genic-generated/originated. So headache generated or originating from the neck, this type of headache can commonly occur in office or desk workers who spend prolonged periods at the computer where the neck muscles become tired and fatigued and therefore the joints in the neck become tight, locked and inflamed. Suffers often describe the headache as a deep ache in the forehead behind the eyes or radiating over the ear. This is not however limited to people who work at a desk or computer for a long time and are seen in a huge number and diverse range of people.

The good news is both cervicogenic headaches and migraines can be helped with Chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic adjustments of the neck have been shown to relieve cervicogenic headaches by releasing the stiffness in the neck, relaxing the musculature and inhibiting pain. Chiropractic adjustments have also been proven to reduce the frequency, and severity of migraine headaches and is especially effective when used in a prophylactic manner.

If you live or work in London, or commute through north London please contact Camden Chiropractic and make those headaches a thing of the past, otherwise have a look at the website www.camdenchiropractic.co.uk or give me a call and we can have a chat.

Alex Symington

Doctor of Chiropractic