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Lifting and Carrying with Camden Chiropractic

Watch Your Posture: Lifting and Carrying with Camden Chiropractic – Chiropractor Camden offers advice to keep you standing tall.

Our bodies are very well adapted to a variety of tasks, but we need to be careful not to take advantage of this and push our bodies to breaking point!

Lifting and Carrying with Camden Chiropractic.

 Face the direction in which you want to carry the weight. Always lift using a relaxed, neutral and straight back. Make sure your legs are at least your hips’ width apart with the knees bent. Keep your head and shoulders directly above your waist and keep the weight you are carrying as close to you as possible – avoid twisting.


 Avoid bending from the waist, which increases the stress on your lower back. Never keep the knees straight, as this will lead to over-stretching and damage to your back and never lift while twisting from the waist. Try and lift with a ‘broad base’ i.e. your feet about shoulder width apart or more. This will make you more stable.

 Make sure you balance or secure the weight before you start moving. (It is easier to carry a bowling ball in a bowling ball bag than in large cardboard box where it can roll around.)

 Putting the weight down can often cause just as many injuries as lifting it up. If possible, put the weight on something waist height rather than the floor. If you do have to put it on the floor, try and keep you shoulders hips and knees pointing in the same direction, have a ‘wide base’ and bend your knees rather than your back

 Loading a weight into a car or van is difficult at the best of times, so it is even more important to use the best technique possible. If you have been sitting in the car/van for a while, go for a short walk to loosen your muscles and joints before lifting. Having lifted the weight, rest it on the bumper where possible and then push it into the vehicle, keeping your back straight and your knees bent. Always put lighter objects in first, pushing towards the back, so that it is not too strenuous to push them in or to pull them out when you reach your destination.

 Never lift and then twist and avoid the temptation to straighten your legs. This is just as important when taking bags or boxes out of the vehicle.

 When putting your baby into the car, hold the baby close to you as you move towards the vehicle. Keep your back straight and only bend your knees when you have got as close to the car seat as possible. Only at this stage should you reach out to put the baby in the seat. If you’re carrying the baby in a chair, rest the chair on the edge of the car seat, then manoeuvre it into position within the car, keeping your knees bent and back straight.

These are simple and easy to do tips that will help limit the chances of injuring your back when Lifting and Carrying with Camden Chiropractic. If you have any pain or restricted movement in your spine do not hesitate to contact Camden Chiropractic who will carry out a complete assessment to get to the bottom of your issues and if appropriate help alleviate them.

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High Heels and back Pain Chiropractor Camden


High heels and back pain Chiropractor Camden Elizabeth talks about new research that has found that when a woman puts on a pair of high heeled shoes she is putting an incredible strain on her joints leading to possible long term joint issues. The research carried out at Stanford University, USA  found that high heeled shoes, along with additional weight, may contribute to an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

When standing barefoot, the perpendicular line of the straight body column creates a ninety degree angle with the floor. On a two-inch heel, were the body a rigid column and forced to tilt forward, the angle would be reduced to seventy degrees, and to fifty-five degrees on a three-inch heel. Thus, for the body to maintain an erect position, a whole series of joint adjustments (ankle, knee, hip, spine, head) are required to regain and retain one’s erect stance and equilibrium.

The slope or slant of the heel, rear to front, is called the ‘heel wedge angle’. The higher the heel, the greater the angle. On the bare foot there is no wedge angle.

High heels and back pain Camden Chiropractor – Tim Hutchful, Chiropractor Camden and member of the British Chiropractic Association comments on the posture implications of wearing high heels:

“Our feet carry all of our weight and the shoes we chose have a lot to do with the way we walk and the pressure we put on the rest of the body. Feet need a surface which allows them to bend, grip and roll as you walk, which is difficult to do when constantly wearing heels. It would seem sensible to wear high heels only in moderation and look to lower the heel height you wear in order to avoid too many problems”.

Top tips for walking in heels:

o Tense your pelvic floor muscles

o Keep your head upright and don’t stick your chest out

o Put your shoulders back and chest in

o Spread weight evenly over the whole shoe when walking

o Don’t walk too fast, be elegant