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How to Stay Healthy in the Tennis Season

It’s that time of year again, Wimbledon is on, the weather is nice, the sun is shining and the tennis courts are full. From the committed year round players to the Wimbledon wannabes everyone is flocking out to give tennis a go. So at this time of year how do you stay injury free and emulate the 41 victories and one loss season recent Wimbledon men’s champion Novak Djokovic is having?

So why can tennis expose someone to injury;

  • Well first off playing a forehand and backhand shot often involves a lot of twisting of your back and this is most often very fast and explosive movement putting your back under a lot of strain.
  • When serving to get that explosive burst of power, often the back is over-arched to allow the spring into the serve to generate the power and speed this puts a lot of pressure through the lower back.
  • Tennis is a very start stop game and although it might feel like you have run a marathon after a set or two the distances you have run will be very short sharp distances which can place strain on the back muscles through a game.

So how do you limit your chances of injury to your back, here are a few simple tips;

  • Select the correct racquet for you, there is such a huge variety of weights sizes and the more high-end racquets will often describe which swing style they suit such as a longer slower swing or a shorter faster swing more in the wrist. Always ask a professional to recommend a suitable racquet to you and your game, selecting the correct string tension will also help.
  • A slice serve rather than a kick serve will limit the over-arching of your back due to the dynamics of generating ‘kick’ on the ball. However if you do chose to use this type of serve (most of the pro’s do) always be wary of how much you are arching your back and stop if it’s too painful.
  • Stay fit and healthy, this one goes without saying! Be in good physical shape not only will having strong and toned muscles limit injury it will help improve your game. This is something Andy Murray has worked on a lot over the last few years. Core exercises are especially crucial to keep the stomach and back muscles strong.
  • Ask a professional for advice or even have a lesson, even the best of us need some input on technique and form. Even a simple alteration of grip, swing technique or position you contact the ball can have a great impact on the shots you make and the consistency you have.
  • Most important of all have fun and enjoy yourself. With the British weather you need to make the most of it while you can have fun and stay safe.

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