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Clinic Closed from 23/3/2020 due to coronavirus. Reopening date will be updated in due course.

We offer treatments to help people of all ages suffering with:

• Back or neck pain,
• Sciatica,
• Knee and hip problems,
• Slipped discs (disc protrusions),
• Shoulder issues (Frozen shoulder and minor sports injuries,
• Headaches (originating from the neck),
• Sports injuries, and a variety of other muscle, trapped nerve and joint problems.

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‘Most patients come to us in pain, and stay when they realise their full health potential through Chiropractic’

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Dr Nina graduated from New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2014 and has worked around the world including New Zealand, Spain & the UK. She has been working throughout various areas in London & Essex​ for over ​3​ years. She has also travelled the world and offered volunteer services in East Africa, Israel, Haiti & South America.

Dr Nina’s mission is to help people feel better and create a higher quality of life, this is what led her down the path of healthcare. Another dear passion to her is bridging the gender inequalities that are faced world-wide especially in under-developed countries. In her more organised efforts to do so she has been a representative for the national UN women in New Zealand and also founded the Auckland branch. And she is only getting started!

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